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Thread: Drilling Tank

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    Drilling Tank


    I am not sure if I want to do this yet, but has anyone driled a Oceanic Bowfront tank before. Does it come with a tempered glass at the bottom?, is there anyone you know of who'll drill it for me (I can't take the tank to them), with some gaurantee?



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    Hello Venki,

    Oceanic tanks have tempered glass bottoms.. There should be a sticker on the bottom telling you that. If you did not allready remove it or if you got it used someone might have allready removed it..

    So im sure you know you cant drill tempered glass.. and as for Gaurantee's no one i have very delt with including some tank building companies will Gaurantee it.

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    What toooloud said... if you find one venki... I'd be interested in his services


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    Fortunately, the guy who built my current tank and that I have also brought other people's tanks to for drilling will guarantee it in a sense... which means he will repair it and guarantee it doesn't leak if he cracks it while drilling them but he won't replace the whole pane. Up till now though, he has NEVER damaged anything while drilling!!! ( I say this knocking on my pointy little head).

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    It does come with tempered glass read through the instruction sheet, I'll go with my idea of putting a pump in the overflow chamber (to be bult by harley).

    Venki Worathur

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    Can't drill it

    That's right ... you canít drill tempered glass ... it will explode as it is designed to. You might want to start thinking about getting a hang on the back overflow box. Pumping water out of the tank into the sump and back into the tank is a tricky business. Itís rather difficult to keep things in balance.

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