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    Aquasafe maximus RO/DI system

    I was looking on fleabay and saw the maximus system and heard some good reviews for it....
    but this is the questions I have...

    -is a PSI METER and a TDS METER Required?
    -what is the life expetancy of the filters and resins....(gallons?)
    -I have a 54 gallon corner tank

    what I am trying to decide is if I should just get the basic maximus system for $140
    or should I go for the maximus with the 2 meter above, 4 bags of resin, and 21 filters (6+6+6+3) for $280

    thanks in advance

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    You may want to send IJO a PM regarding RO/DI units.
    He used to sell them but I don't see them on the Shopping link anymore.
    Perhaps he still does.
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    I bought the basic system a year and a half ago. I did not but the extra accessories at the time and have had no issues with it. Here are a couple of tips I have discoverred. Disconnect the final stage or use a tee connection if you are using it to make drinking water. The final stage is a taste filter that will add a small amount of TDS back into the water for taste purposes. I would not buy the extra filters as you can replace them with ones purchased from Canadian Tire or Home Depot. They come with stock 5 Micron filters, but, you can replace all of them with a 1 Micron Sedement filter and two 5 Micron Block Carbon filters to improve performance and extend the life of the RO membrane. I changed mine at the 8 month mark, however, I started two new systems during the initial use and annual replacement will be fine for me as I generally less than 40 gallons a month. Having said that, I think the TDS metre is a great purchase at $25 so you know exactly where you are. You could purchase the DI resin from them, as it is hard to source. Anyway, that is my 2 cents.
    If my wife asks, it was only $20.

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    I bought my Aquasafe 100 GPD RO/DI about 5 months ago and have had no problems whatsoever. Also bought an in-line TDS meter from AC - a great indicator of the condition of the filters. Just checked, my TDS output reads 64 pm in and 0 ppm out.

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    The pressure gauge is only useful at initial setup. If you have a well pump, you probably have a pressure gauge at the pump. If you are on city supplied water, you won't likely have a problem there either.

    The TDS is useful (and fun). It will let you know when a) your DI is exhausted (when you start to see the final TDS rising) and b) when your RO membrane is damaged or past it's life (when it no longer rejects 95% or more of the TDS getting to it). The hand held ones will only work if you pull your system apart to get water samples at each location. The inline ones tend to have two inputs, so, you can look at the pre-DI and post-DI water (inline) while running, or, the pre and post RO.

    Getting the big bundle is probably a savings over the next 3-4 years, but, reduces your flexibility (to change to 1 micron, and 5 micron Carbon, for example).
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    Thanks for the info. so the Cdn tire filters will work.

    Any one here in calgary? maybe someone know where to get the resin locally?
    I think I will just get the standard one then...

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