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    SD playsand

    Has anyone been able to find this sand in the ottawa area? I just called every homedepot around and noone has it. They all have this King stuff. I wonder if it's any good.

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    for aquarium use, as long as u use something without silicates its fine

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    You won't find any South Down play sand in Canada, its a USA product that to my knowledge has never been for sale at Home Depot in Canada unless brought in by private parties. Also I think it now has a different name.

    I bought about 16 bags of it a few years ago for myself and some friends. I had to go to Syracuse NY to get it.

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    Grab some Biomix play sand from Rona. Arragonite sand would be better but depending on how much you need you might be better off getting reef sugar sand. I think there's four Rona's in Gatineau so you might find one that has Biomix.

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