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Thread: bad seal ??

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    bad seal ??


    After filliing my 37g (30x12x22), the pressure causes unsightly white strips at the butt seams. All 4 edges have this...
    This is a new tank, and I let it sit overnight filled, to see if it went away...

    If I apply pressure in center (top or mid) I can see very slight shrinking of the white.
    I wouldn't expect this to be normal, but I am guessing... probably being a bit overly parinode... just wondering if i should bother getting this one drilled ?


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    fairly normal on cheaper tanks, but not a huge cause for concern. i would use it as a sump or something jsut incase, and get another one as main display. i also prefer black silicone over clear

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    I have it the same problem on my 40br and its brand new, but the defect is on the front pane and not the back. It shouldn't be a problem as long as the bubbles don't connect all the way to the main display to outside the tank (leak).
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