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Thread: Red Slime!

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    Red Slime!

    I have an outbreak of red slime building up in my tank. It's on my sandbed, and also covers parts of my live rock. What causes this slime, and how can I get rid of it? I have some scarlet hermits, but they can't keep up with the slime! Help!
    My parameters are normal except for about 20 ppm of Nitrates. Is this what is causing the slime? I'm currently dosing AZ-NO3 to try to bring down my Nitrate levels. I've been doing water changes like crazy, and the Nitrates seem to stay the same. Any thoughts?

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    If it's a red/burgundy slime it's mostlikely cyanobacteria. I've heard of a product called Red Slime Remover but it's just a band aid solution. The cause is mostlikely lack of water movement/flow. I would try syphon out the red slime as much as possible, use a turkey baster to blast it off the rocks & sand and then siphon out the film as you blast it off. Try to increase your water flow and it should help. A good skimmer will also help.

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    red slime remover is a tank killer that should never be used!!! it removes oxygen molecules from the water and makes a mess of your PH. when i got the slime in my tank i just added a maxi 1200 near it and a week later there was no sign it ever got to my tank. my 2 cents lol

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