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Thread: Shipping coral

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    Shipping coral

    I have read around on how to ship corals, but still unclear on some points.

    Shipping method for corals that do well under 2day conditions;
    Prepare the bag.
    - Bag the coral with about 60%air to 40% water.
    - Tripple bag the main bag.

    Prepare the box.
    - Coardboard box, ducktape the seams.
    - Line the box with a plastic bag (last precaution incase main bags pop).
    - Have the box lined with styrofoam insulation (1/2" blue foam, pink or similar). Seal the edges with tape.

    Prepare the heatpack.
    - Wrap a heatpack in brown paper towel or news paper.

    Putting it all together.
    - Place some egg foam in the box, or use news paper for insulation/protection.
    - Place the frag bag in the box and put more insulation/protection.
    - Place the styrofoam lid and seal with tape.
    - Now it is time to close the outer layer bag and make sure it is a water proofed seal. duck tape if needed.
    - Tape up the box down the middle and along the edges.

    * It is a good idea to include another sheet of your personal information inside the box incase the outer label gets mangled.
    ** It is a good idea to place 2 identification labels on the outside of the box to make it easier to process.
    *** Indicate that it is live coral and the position it should be at rest.

    This is the stuff I gathered from other peoples comments. Is there anything else that needs to take place like notifying the post office that you will be shipping live goods etc? (Something I read off the canadapost website, but must have been towards other live animals.

    Please please add your experience and tips.
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    I'd add:

    Ship over night express. (Likely a duh! but I didn't see it.) In reality this means you should only ship Monday -> Weds, just in case.

    Make sure that the bag is big enough so that the coral will always be covered in water. Plan on the shipper placing the box on any of it's 6 sided. This side up pretty much means that that side will never be up. The 60/40 is a rule of thumb, if you're going to use it, you might need bigger bags for this.

    Fragile means it goes through a compactor before arriving, but only once. If you're sure a raw egg would survive this in your package, your coral is likely going to be okay.

    Ivan can likely add some insight, he ships everyday.

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    Do I have to inform the post office on what I am shipping?

    Let's say I don't inform the post office that I'm shipping corals and say something happens to the package, can anything bad happen? Like a fine for shipping with out 'permission'. I don't care if something dies durring transit, b/c its always a risk, so if they won't waranty my package it's ok. I just don't want any fines.

    Please anyone with experience let me know. I need to ship something out on Monday.
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