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Thread: Ick problems

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    Ick problems

    I have a 90 gal mixed reef aquarium with several fish & corals and ALOT of inverts. I think my Naso Tang and my Pearlscale have Ick. What is the best treatment? Do I have to remove the fish to a hospital tank? Can I treat the entire tank? If I remove the fish, wont they simply get Ick again when I put them back in my display tank? Won't all my other fish get Ick too??

    Keep in mind that I have about 150lbs of live rock and lots of hiding spots...I can't net the fish...I would have to tear apart the entire tank to get them out. Surely there's an effective product out there that can be added directly to the tank?

    An advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

    Many thanks,

    90g mixed reef tank
    4 VHO fluorescent Actinic
    Corallife Skimmer 220gal
    Eheim filter 2217
    2 MJ 1200
    1 ZM PS 40
    150lbs LR
    Yellow Tang; Desjardin Sailfin; Blue/green Chromis; Clownfish; Threadfin & Copperbanded Butterfly;
    Sandsifter, Brittle & Serpent Starfishes
    Coral Banded, Blood, Peppermint, Cleaner & Anemone Shrimp; Sally Lightfoot, Anemone, Emerald Crabs
    Scarlet Red, Metallic Blue, Red, Blue & Orange Legged Hermit Crabs and some snails
    Far too many corals and frags to list

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    If you want the text book, 100% successful method, yeah you need to get a treatment tank, rip down and keep all fish out of the display for 6 weeks. It's a pain but it will work. (put all the live rock & inverts back into the display, only fish in the treatment tank, but put all the fish into treatment)

    Anything else is a gamble. If you're looking for alternatives to copper / hyposalinity I've had luck with Ruby's kick ich, but I've never used it with inverts, live rock, or coral. The company claims it's reef safe, YMMV. If it turns one of the crabs into a giant man-eating lizard I may not return your calls....

    But you might want to post a pic for a second opinion. It might not be ich & we're talking about either a lot of work, or a lot of risk.

    There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

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    There is a new PolypLab product called Medic that claims to help ich and other parasites. It's expensive but I did use it to treat a suspected parasite (not ich) and it didn't hurt anything else (lots of LPS, sofites and inverts). Might be worth a try - available at J&L.

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    Hey Northernboy have you googled garlic for ich? Ive been adding garlic to the food for quite a while.Also when I had naso's I found them to be ich magnets but cleaner shrimp really helped. nothing funnier than a naso flying about with a cleaner shrimp riding cowboy eeehaaaaa

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