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    52 xenia....

    just wondering what I should power head unglued itsef from the tank glass today and the water pressure was directly hitting part of the part of it is turning white...if I leave it will it grow back to normal or will it do damage to my tank...if it's bad, what is the best way to remove part of you just tear it off or do I cut it as close to the rock as possible...thanks for the help


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    if it is a single zenia in a tank larger than 15g i doubt it will do anything noticable
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    Xenia are weeds. Okay they're good weeds, but as long as there's something left, it'll grow back. Dead xenia turn into a sludge almost instantly. If your discoloured one still has branches & it's open I wouldn't worry.

    Once the powerhead is back where it belongs, things should return to normal pretty quickly.

    If you want to prune (and you'll have to eventually.) The closer to the rock you cut it the harder it is for that section to grow back. You can sort of shape them by deciding how much to cut off.

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    thanks for the info...really apreciate it...

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    On that note I am going to have to prune soon - anyone looking for some detached xenia?

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