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    The end for my Sailfin Tang

    For you guys that read my Help, Help, Help thread, tonight I lost my fish. It was weird, like I had said, he hadn't ate today and was always hiding.

    This afternoon, I couldn't find him anywhere. Finally found him hiding in my xenia's. I had supper, went to check on him and saw his tail sticking out of my big brain coral.

    I think he might of died from suffocation. I had a hard time trying to get him out of the brain to see if he was alive. The Regal Tang that I bought with him is doing awesome. Don't know what in the world was wrong with him :huh??: He was doing good at Ivan's :confused-
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    I'm sorry for your lost. :crap:

    Hope your blue tang will stay healthy.
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    Sorry to hear about the loss, that really sucks. Was that the fish you got when your copperband died? I hope everything else is doing well. It's weird when something like this happens, their fine one day and dead the next for no apparent reason. I had the same thing happen to my copperband about 3 or 4 weeks ago. Good luck.
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    Thanks guys. No this was a fish that I bought along with the regal on Sunday, off of Ivan. The fish was good over there. So far so good for my regal though, so will hope for the best. Sorry about your loss to SnelgroveReefer :bawling: , copperbands are one of my favorite fish. It was sad when mine went. Will defenitly buy another one in the future.
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    Yeah sometime the fish just died for no apparent reason... new-fish-symptom? I had a small blue tang awhile ago.... he was swimming around actively and was eating for about 2 weeks. Then suddenly his belly went sunken (not eating I guess), went hiding, wasted away and died, all in less than 2 days. Some fish just can't adapt to the tank environment I guess.
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