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    krazy glue question

    i read some post on aquaria krazy glue at walt mart it good wen to buy some but before do glue stuff in aquarium will like to know if buy right glue ty you take time to look at my post have nice day

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    any superglue labeled as cyanoacrylate is fine, but the thick cyanoacrylate gel is easier to work with

    that one look like its ok

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    Yes that one is good worked nicely in my tank

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    I use CA glue (cyan glue) when building Radio Controlled airplanes. There are different thickness styles and something called "kicker" which sets the glue instantly. This stuff is available at any hobby shop.

    If you use this stuff I STRONGLY suggest you pick up a bottle of "Debonder". Sooner or later you will bond yourself to something (or yourself) and will be completlely stuck. (especially the thin type CA).

    Made from nitromethane and acetone, this can be a godsend.
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