Hi all, I have been doing a lot of research and putting things together. finally I have water and some live rock and my son's beloved nemo in there. The tank have been running for approx 15 days. I used to have a 33G retangular tank in my old home and have moved in July to my new place. I was phonning around looking or a tank and found this used 54G fresh water tank for $400 with stand and lots other accessories. I was gonna drill a hole in the bottom but found it was tempered glass. so, I had to get the whole bottom replaced and drilled. I ave also built a sump below. I about substrate before and was thnking about going cheap...but in the end, I went with some argonite sand.

The problem I have right now is the NO florescent light. The 36" PC light won't fit so I am looking for something new. I am thinking maybe going to MH, but worry about the heat? and also I need a protien skimmer but don't want to spend too too much.

Any ways here are some pic I have took, please give me some suggestions. I have only been in the Salt water hobby for less than 2 years, but have had fresh water for over 7 years (started to find them boring)

thanks for all the answers before I put them together.