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    Rebuilding my tank - SUMP question

    Hello guys,

    It's been a while but I had a heat issue this summer and had to disassemble the tank.

    I am done rebuilding but now I have a micro bubble issue.

    My new setup is a 15G with a drilled hole in the back for a return.

    Down to the sump with a MAG 3 return.

    Now my issue is the micro bubbles in my display tank. I have setup the sump with 3 baffles.

    Now my question is this...

    I have my baffle so that the water runs under the first baffle the over the second then under the third...

    is this OK or should I change it to be a little more like Melev's sump's design?

    let me know.



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    Baffles are usually over under over, about 1" between (depending on flow) and the middle baffle about an inch up from the sump floor.
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    Buckaroo, I've tried both and I have found what you describe to be the best at reducing unwanted bubbles at the return pump. Water from the return under the first baffle, then over the middle baffle, and finally under the 3rd baffle. Hope this helps.

    Doing it inverse always gave me bubbles.

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    Remi, I ran into some of the same issues with my Mag 9.5. I was dealing with that an vibrating noise and after trying almost everything (baffles, filters, etc.) I tried putting my mag 9.5 in the sump and not dry-inline and I solved all my problems. I'm figuring there was a gasket problem but not large enough to let water out when the pump was off. A weird thing, but I'm sure weirder has happened.

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    Mag 3

    Hello JKlink,

    Not sure I follow...But just some more info, the mag3 is in the Sump.

    I think my problem is the flow that goes thru the sump. This makes the water fall faster and crash in the sump and make lots of micro bubbles.

    Pump pulls to hard and makes the bubbles flow in the water instead of rising to the top.

    I am about to try to put a filter sock in my in (of the sump) and see how that fixes.


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    Well then that's my bad. I used to have my Mag hooked up outside the sump and pulled water in. Now it sits directly in the tank and just draws water.

    Filter socks are ok, but then you have to clean them regularly because they are so fine. As is, my Mag is on the opposite site of the sump (sump is 3ft long) and it goes into a chamber, moves through the baffles (where there is filter floss) and then into the chamber with the sump. This really helped minimize microbubbles, which I found were mostly coming from my skimmer and from the mag being out of the water.

    Good advice I was given is to check the water coming into the sump at the various stages and see where the microbubbles exist. Use a flashlight and you should be able to spot them.

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