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    Newest problem..her name is Blender

    I just got a kitten about a month ago and had a feeling the aquarium being up against the stairway might be a problem?

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    hahaha! cute!

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    lol i know the feeling! i have the same problem. except mine don't mind the water!

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    This is funny!

    My current cat does not interested in fish at all and SW especially as water is too salty to drink
    But I had a cat that used to rest on the canopy with its hand in the tank. This was the goldfish tank. Sometimes he even played with the fish with its hand as they were thinking this is some food. But he never really catch one for snack.

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    I had a new kitten when I got my first fresh-water tank. It was also against a staircase. Came home one day to find half a Siamese Fighting fish on the floor. Never proved the cat did it but........

    Now she's 4 years old, she leaves the fish alone.

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