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    Cyano in the fuge

    Looking in to the sump for the first time in a couple weeks and found a bad case of cyano in the fuge. Should i increase the flow in there? There is a little in my main tank but very little. What should i do ?
    Im about to do some water test, so if i need to post results i can.

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    I've always had cyano in my fuge/sump. Oddly it has never migrated to my main tank, which has always mystified me. Occasionally I'll suck some of it out with a turkey baster, but other than that I ignore it.

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    I used to have some cyano in my sump/fuge until I converted to a smaller HOB. When I converted the amount of chaeto that went into the HOB from the sump almost overflowed the HOB. I think that because I had so much chaeto in the HOB, the cyano couldn't compete and had no food source to start with. Cyano can produce its own food once it takes hold which makes it tricky to get rid of. Some hobbyist can live with a little cyano and some can't. As long as it is remains under control in the sump/fuge you should be fine.

    Once in the display it can proliferate pretty quickly. Several years ago I used a product called Red Slime Remover by Ultralife, it's a yellow powder you add and it is reef safe. It worked well for me when I had allot of cyano in the main tank. That is only the cure not a prevention. Once it is gone you will need to monitor your phosphates and keep it at 0.


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