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    Aug 2005

    How do I catch a damsel?

    ...without moving all my rock and disturbing the tank too much?

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    Aug 2004
    Get a few nets, place them strategicaly, think like a damsel, be more tenacious than the damsel (often not possible)

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    If all else fails, you can file the barb off a small fishing hook & catch him that way. The wound won't be terrible if there's no barb, only use the line to hold him while you get the net...

    Good luck.
    There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

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    Patience...and go slow.It took me almost 1 hour to catch my Domino in a 55gal with 40lbs. of live rock.I did have to move 2-3 rocks in order to leave him less hiding spots.
    Good luck!

    P.S. sometime bigger the net the better to catch(if you have the room in your tank)

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    Try at night while they are sleeping with subdued lighting.

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    if ur gonna do the night route, use a night they cant see easily, like moonlight led or red light

    another way, which is what i do... is practice martial arts, the when feeding them, do a quick swooping motion with net in hand and capture it (i'm not even jokin)

    lastly, u can make a simple trap with a glass or something, put some food in it, and wait patiently with a net infront of the cup. when he goes in, close the opening with the net

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    with due care and patience you'll catch him.......
    for some reason damsels are always a pain to catch
    specially when the net goes in,is like they know.

    to make the story short.......the best you can do is turn
    the lights off at their regular time and turn them back on in
    few hours

    as to try to confuse him and blind him.......
    it worked with my first blue devil........ :drool: the second one I was practically forced to remove all the rock work :coolmad:
    good luck...........hope it works for you. :wink5:

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    thanks for all the tips guys..I am ready to go home and tackle the damsel...I feel bad cause he actually gets along with everyone in my tank (clowns, hawkfish, and my dottyback...the only one he nips at is me, and I hate to be nipped at.

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    try the cut bottle routine. cut the top flip it and wedge it inside the bottle. put some food and watch your fish go in and cant get out. sometimes they are smart and will find the hole. stay close with the net thats how i did it. or u could just borrow my big trap made for these kind of problems.

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    what worked for me was to split the inside of the tank in two by placing a piece of glass in the middle of the tank. I used one of the glass tank covers. Then I moved the rock to the side where the fish wasn't and trapped the bugger that way. Works even better if can chase him to a corner and place the glass toward the end of the tank-less rock to move.

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