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    help, what do I do?

    In error I dumped a whole bottle of fish flakes (Tetra Marine Color Marine Flakes 20g) into my 70 gallon tank. I took a large net and scooped as much as I could out but I don't know what if anything I should do????? I realize I should probably do a water change but should I do one right away or wait? Please help!

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    Better to be safe than sorry... I would do a water change now(20%). Test for ammonia a couple times per day and get ready to do another water change if the test shows +. If you don't get a spike within the next few days... you should be fine.


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    10 gallons a day for a couple of days would be fine. Test each day a couple of times, and judge from there. Something similar has happened to every one so don' tsweat it too much.

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    ouch, in all honesty, if u got the majority of it by net, just spot siphon as much as possible and do water changes as u monitor ammonia levels

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