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    need to buy some silicone whish one its good for reef tank at home depot ? ty advance :speedbana

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    I use the Clear Door and Window one from RONA(Rona brand).
    It worked really well for my sump.
    Good luck!

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    there is clean silicone avail at rona and HD for aquariums

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    you don't need to buy any special aquarium silicone. Look for something that DOSEN'T say mildew resistant in it.
    Mike Philpott

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    Home Hardware sells 35 year clear silicone that does state that it is safe for aquarium use.

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    if you can find the GE 1200,is the best :wink5:
    140g tank,over flow box (external)
    deltec ap 600
    3 koralia 4
    2 mh 175,10000k xm
    2 actinic vho
    heater 400w titanium
    70 pounds on live rock,fidj
    75 g sump
    mag 12 connecte on wavy sea as water return
    Wavy sea that i won on AC:b16:

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    canadian tie sells it also for around $7 for 2 tubes.It states safe for aquairum use.
    Where can one get black silicone?


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