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Thread: LF SW Items

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    LF SW Items

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    please post these types of requests in the classifieds section

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    Does Anyone Know

    Hey all

    I was wondering if any one know's of someone that will come to your place to drill holes.

    I would like to drill my two tanks but they are to darn hevy for me to bring to someones house to get them drilled I need eight holes it total 4 in the 100g and 4 in the 90g corner for a total of eight.

    I would even be willing to pay for the gas to have someone come to my house on top of the price for the holes.

    any help would be greeat thanks.

    pm me

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    Hello Elad,

    First of all, welcome to the forums. :biggrinbo

    It would be nice to tell us a bit about who you are and what kind of setup you currently have. We are a bit nozey

    By the way, where abouts are you in Rockland???


    Common Sense - Is'nt!!

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    Make sure to check out the Classified section and the AC store. Also, requests for items are usually placed in the 'looking for' section of the Classified Ads.

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