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Thread: Plexi Question

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    Plexi Question

    I just picked up a 400 gal plexi tank yesterday and it has some scratches on it.Does anyone know how to get them out?Or would do it for me?


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    they sell acrylic buffing kits at plastics shops, i dunno if theres one in kingston, you can check with hobby stores...

    also maybe HD or rona will have them

    if not, let me know and i'll pick on up for you in hamilton (though ottawa is probably closer and u don't have to wait)

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    Thanks Will.
    I will see what I can find.

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    There is a couple of ways depending on how deep they are, you can get a buffing compound that will take out a lot of hazing caused by surface scratches
    If its a little deeper you can hit it with a torch and it will become much less noticable. Be very careful if you choose the torch option, and I highly recommend you practice on a scrap piece first so as not to get it too hot that it burns and blisters.


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