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Thread: reef crew

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    reef crew

    how does this look for a reef crew for a 90G tank with approx 10-12 fish? overkill or too much of one thing and not enough of something?

    60 - Blue Legged Hermits
    10 - Red Scarlet Hermit
    20 - Left Handed Hermit Crabs
    20 - Astrea Snails
    20 - Margarita Snails
    20 - Cerith Snails
    20 - Nassarius Snails
    3 - Emerald Crab
    3 - Peppermint Shrimp
    1 - African Star

    I've got about $350-400 to spend on the reef crew....

    I just hate that the hermits eat each other and the snails.... I put out the bigger shells last time around and over 1 1/2 years my hermit population slowly decreased and so did my snails....
    so I'm starting over on the reef crew.....

    any opinions and/or suggestions?

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    wow.. nice crew.. but maybe too much.. specially on the crabs.. if they dont find something to eat.. mine went after the smaller guys and snails. i'd go with 20 instead of 60.. lots of people here lost interest on the crabs as some of them.. not all.. change their taste.. like once they've had snails a la garlic butter..they dont go back he he he

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    dump the hermits and get more snails.... u need maybe 10blue and 10scarlet,

    all hermits do is kill the snails if u don't keep them fed...

    also if ur water quality is good, u wouldnt need a big crew at all.. why not spend that money on making the water better

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    I was thinking that a reef crew had to do with waste clean up from fish...... not water quality....if they process the waste, then the waste would not affect the water quality which would not produce the algea.......

    Am I confused?

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    you need to balance what needs cleaning with what can clean it. i hate going to online sites that recommend huge numbers of each. those numbers may be for an overstocked well established aquarium of the given size. if you were to add their suggested clean up crew to a new tank most of it would die of starvation in the first few weeks. you have great diversity on the list which is the best route, maybe just tone back the numbers to begin with and add more as needed.

    a lot of people don't like crabs and are successful with snail only tanks. i love my hermits and provide lots of new homes to choose from. i won't lie and say they've never killed a snail but it doesn't happen very often and i think the snail was probably dying already. ( or left completely defenseless by falling on it's back )

    are you buying this local??? i haven't been able to find cerith snails for a while ( other than online ) and would love to get some. i can't remember the name of the LFS in brampton but would be willing to make the drive ( i'm in burlington ) for some cerith and nassarius.

    PS i also really like the tongan fighting conch's

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    I have no clean up crew as such; no snails, no hermits. I do have serpent stars in my reef tanks but there is nothing in my fish only tanks.
    Has worked for me now for 13 yrs and I have at present, 10 tanks on the go.

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    everything produces wastes, thus affect water quality.

    if u can control the water quality theres no reason u need a clean up crew... if ur thinking baout fish wastes of something, the solids are always gonan be there, chemical and some solid will be broken down by bacteria and microorganism or what ever critters in the substrate. u still need to do cleanning though

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