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    Changing filters on Aquasafe R/O unit

    This may fall into the dumb question category but: when changing the filters on an R/O unit (I have the one from Aquasafe), how do you release the pressure inside the unit to prevent water spraying all over the place when the filters are unscrewed?

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    You could turn the flow valve that sits above the first filter. I would imaging that disconnecting it from the water source would also do it. That is probably not an option if you used the needle piercing valve on a copper pipe.
    If my wife asks, it was only $20.

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    You should always install these units with a shut off valve before the unit. A simple john guest shut off is easy enough to instal and cheap too. Then just turn the valve off and remove the unit.

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    But, shutting off that value won't release the pressure which has built-up inside the filter compartments, will it? I've tried shutting off the in-flow value and draining the unit by opening the out-flow value but I still get sprayed with water when I unscrew the filters

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    Do what Swiseman said. Release the black handle just over the 3 filter tubes. I think it's the menbrane flush. That will do the trick.
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