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Thread: tunze question

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    tunze question

    I bought a tunze 7180/2 about six months ago on ebay. When I recieved it I noticed I could not plug it in over here in Canada because it had a funny plug. The guy I bought it from was from somwhere in Europe. The question I was wondering there is a guy on reef central selling a transformer for a tunze 6000. I was wondering if this transformer will work on mine. If so I will buy it he is selling it cheap. Thanks for your help and hope to hear from you soon..

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    Check with the manufacture to see if you can simply change the plug.
    Europe uses 240v, North America uses 120v (approximately values).
    Some electrical items can be used on either voltage, but check first!!
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    go on and click on the forum.. scroll all the way down and there is a tunze forum you can join. the guys name is roger and he runs tunze in the usa.. he can answer any question you have,, might want to take a pic of the unit you are talking about

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