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    powerheads in 90g

    I was wondering where I should put the powerheads in my 90g aquariam. Considering all the flow comes from one end. You can take a look in my members gallery at it. The powerhaeds I have right now are mj 1200, a 402, and a Tunze which I'm waiting for a new transformer. Any help would be nice. Thanks again.

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    How do you plan on creating your aquascape? If you plan on piling rock up towards the center of the tank, leaving room all around, you can have your current run in 1 direction; Ie: running left along the back, flowing right at the front. This would create a constant current so the fish would always be pushed in the same direction. But you can add another pump just randomly aimed in the opposite direction to cause disturbance, like have it on a timer to go on every 2 hours or so.
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    On my 55gal(new setup)i'm running 4x MJ1200(1 in each corner,2 of them are point straight and the 2 other about 30 degree angle to the middle).I also have 2x200gph(Walmart powerhead)in the middle of the back glass(pointing to the side glass).My 4 MJ are on 2 different timers.The 2 Walmart pump are always on.At feeding time all the MJ turns off(timer).
    In the day the 4 MJ will randomly turn on/off at different intervals.
    At first i taught they was too much flow but all seems to be doing fine.
    I hope it help.

    P.S.If you want nice little timers C.Tire has nice digital ones.

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    This is how I set the jets in my 55 gal tank. The two end ones are on a wave timer
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    For me right now I have

    Back left and back right aiming towards the front (lots of turbulence in the middle) I also have my canister outflow from the middle aiming to the front right (blocking off the back right to middle a bit), and I have my protien skimmer flowing in the middle forward.
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