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    Substrate Quantity. How much?

    I have a 120 gallon tank. 48x24x24. I've decided on using Caribsea Aragonite as my substrate. Not sure exactly what particular substrate just yet. I hear this is a good substrate to use with from many members. If you have any ideas or advice on substrate, please share. I'm looking to have about a 3" deep sand bed. ( I also plan on having substrate dwelling critters and gobies/blennies) I'm looking to have about 120 lbs of live rock in this tank. My bigger question is how many pounds of substrate would I need to get myself a 3 inch deep sand bed in this size of tank? Thanks.

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    there are calculators for this kinda stuff, ur looking at 140LB or 3-4 bags.

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    i put 120lbs in the same size tank and got about 1" so i would say about 360lbs ( 9 bags )

    i used CaribSea Seafloor grade reef sand

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    I think in total.. I dropped 3bags of 25k aragonite and 4bags of bomix sand.. 22k i think on my 400g.. and only got from 2" to 4" at some areas. i was aming for ~3" total.. maybe even less.. i didn't want a deep sand.. just enough to hide the silicone job and look pretty.

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    Alright. Just as an update. The first reply I got was pretty well bang on the money. Except I didn't mention I have DUAL AG overflows in my tank. But I took that into account. I also took some of my liverock that's placed on the bottom into account, but most of it is up enough that my sandbed was able to be located along a lot of the bottom. I got 4 bags, ended up using about 130 lbs in my main tank, which gave me a definate 3" sandbed. Used another small amount for my quarantine tank, which has about a 1.5 inch sandbed. and I got about 10 lbs or so leftover. Thanks for the replies from all of you. Thank god the second reply was out to lunch and I didn't go buying 9 bags
    I bought 4 bags of Caribsea Aragonite Seafloor special grade reef sand. 40 lbs each bag...

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