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Thread: 90G Stand?

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    90G Stand?

    Anyone know where I can get a reasonable priced 90G stand 48x18 that is not the standard Big Als (that's the one I have now). All the online local vendor do not seem to offer wide selections of stands.

    Looking for fully closed stand so I can get a sump installed.

    And it must be living room worthy / wife accepted.
    90 Gal - 48x18x24
    Coralife 2x250W 10K MH 2x96W True Actinic
    Coralife Super Skimmer (Needle Wheel) 220
    TOM PS4 Filter with Auto Top-off
    2 x Maxi-Jet 900 Power Heads

    100 LBS Live Rock
    1 Six Line Wrasse
    1 Blue Chromis
    1 African Red Starfish
    8 Black Turbo Snails
    1 Red Hermit, 1 Halloween Hermit, 15 Blue Leg Hermits
    Aquasafe RO/DI 100GPH

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    Your best looking and cheapest route is to build your own.
    150 (reef) 56 (FOWLR)
    75 gal sump 25 gal refuge
    300lbs CaribSea Aragonite Reef Sand
    280 lbs of Assorted rock
    Tunze 9010 skimmer, Current USA 48" Fixture
    1 cleaner shrimp, pistol shrimp
    50 blue legged hermit, 15 nausaurus/astrea snails
    Yellow tang, 2 clowns, 1 blue chromis, 1 yellow watchman 1 corral beauty
    Colt coral, Frogspawn, Bubble, Donut coral, Mushrooms,Starburst green, Green and orange polyps an Umbrella coral, Purple Long Tentacle Anemone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by solowma
    Your best looking and cheapest route is to build your own.
    I dont know about best looking. It will depend on his skills. :wink5:

    The best stand on the market that you can buy from the store IMO is the ones made by all-glass aquarium.

    Click For Pictures

    90g AGA Reef Ready bare bottom with 100lb of cooked Hatian LR, 40g breeder sump, Mag9.5 pump, Coralife 48" Auqualight Pro, Euro-Reef RS135, Sequence Barracuda pump, SpectraPure Maxcap RO/DI

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    You can pm me. I have built several furniture quality (with options you will never find on a commercial stand/canopy) stand and canopies. Definitely not the cheapest options available. But if it needs to be wife approved, and aqaurist equipped, I can quote a one of a kind stand and canopy for you.

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