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    Question New to SW world

    Hi, new to the saltwater world. I bought a secondhand 80 gal tank with stand, Prism Pro skimmer, Coralite lights, 3 Maxijets. Marine life includes 50lbs live rock, clownfish, tang, gobbie, 2 starfish, 1 bristle 1 sandstar. 2 amenomies and some mushrooms.

    The main problems I'm having are hair and bubble algae and aiptasia also the phosphate level is high. I've added some hermit crabs and snails to the tank and will be using RO water purchased locally from a commercial distributor. I don't want to use my tap water as it is conditioned with a water softener.

    I think it will take a while before I get things cleaned-up enough before I start adding to the tank. Any advice is appreciated.

    Thanks :confused-

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    Welcome to !
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    Welcome to AC.

    Not using tapwater is a good start in helping to clean things up. Also making sure you are feeding good quality food and not overfeeding the tank will help.

    The other item you may want to look at is the prism skimmer. I have no experience with the Pro version but the regular version is good for a 10g tank even though they rate them at 90.

    Good luck with everything.

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    Welcome to the most interesting hobby of all times. My advice would be not to let your lights run for to long(at least not the full length of time), if this is a brand new tank. I started with 5 hours and now up to 10. Got maybe just a little algae. I recommend peppermint shrimp for your aptaisias. They work wonders in my tank. Finally the most important advice in my opinion, is to take things really slow. Don't forget that you are starting a little ecosystem in your house. Sit back and watch the changes in there happen on their own. You will be amazed at what you will find in there, in a couple of months.

    Cheers, :biglaugh2 :biglaugh2 :biglaugh2

    Good luck
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    Like Shipwreck said you can't go wrong with a good or half decient skimmer. I'd be willing to bet that would help alot of your problems. Also if your phosophates (Spelling) are high check out some phosophate remover. Might help. Just a thought. Good luck with it all and congrats on the purchase!!!
    Mike Philpott

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    Well lets put it this way, I have a 75gal and I am running a prizm skimmer AND a seaclone 100 at the same time and it is not enough. I would invest in a good skimmer( if I hade the $$$), and that may help with the algea alot. Just my 2 cents though!
    And by the way, Welcome to AC and good luck with the tank!

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