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    Tank heater let go, how low can temp go!

    Hi, Just noticed my tank heater let go. How low can the temp go before loosing fish?? :errr:

    Don't think I can get a heater tonight, temp in tank right now is 75 degrees.

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    Turn your lights on. Raise room temp. Things don't do well in temps much lower than that. Good luck

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    yes.. run the lights.. you could drop a hot water pouch.. like the ones used on back pains.. the rubber kind.. put really hot water.. and let it sit in there.. dont touch the glass with it ! or drop it in your sump.

    suggestion for next time,
    you are best to run two instead of one.. so if you only need 300w.. take 2 of 200w instead so if one dies.. its not as bad. or keep a cheapo one aside for these exact moments i know.. its extra cash.. but its a good investment.
    this and a battery operated emergency bubbler.

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    I had my tank go down to 64 during an extended (18 hrs) power outage last December. The house dropped to 13 degrees. Everything is doing quite well now. I did have a bubbler going but my battery pack could not sustain the draw of the heater. I now have a 4.1 kW generator in the garage.

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    I had my temp fall to 70* over the night and through most of the day. I unplugged it when I was working on my tank and forgot to plug it back. The reason I noticed something weird was my fish were acting slow, then I realized the temp. Everything was back to normal after that. No loss.

    I have had my nano sit at 73ish for a week or so, my heater adjustment was off big time. No loss either.
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    i can beat those.

    when i moved my tank ( in the middle of winter ) from the next town over i had to buy a new heater. when i woke the next morning and went downstairs to look at my beautiful new tank i noticed the thermometer read 62 !!!!! ( tank was at 80 the night before ) it took several days to get temp back up to normal. unfortunately my yellow tang didn't make it ( could have been the stress of the move and / or the temp change ) but surprisingly everything else made it.

    thats when i learned you should keep 2 ( or more ) smaller heaters rather than 1 large one. i now have 3 in my system 300W, 250W and a 200W in the fuge.

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    The good news is... he picked up a replacement Eheim on Friday...

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