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    Small Aquarium with No Fish

    I would like to get a small 5g aquariam and just add some live rock, snails, crabs, and a shrimp. I had a 35g fresh water tank in the past so i know a little.

    How hard is it to look after a aquarium with no fish? Is it easier?
    How many pounds of live rock would i need?

    I have no idea what a small aquarium tank with no fish would require for equipment. I know i would need a heater, light but what else? Would i need a filter since the snails, crabs and shrip will clean?


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    simple setup can be done

    just toss a powerhead or a hang on back filter (remove media) and lots of live rock, thats all u need...

    maybe a compact flourescent light.

    thats all

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    Hi I set up a 2g tank with a desk lamp (13 wat pc) I've got about 6 pounds of rock, macro algae and 2 scarlet crabs. Its got a hagen small world power filter for circulation without media, it can pump 50g per hour but I've reduced the flow to maybe half that. It all works well. I had a yellow goby but alas he died from ich so now its been several months and I'm looking for some zoas andmaybe another goby. I like the small world too.
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