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Thread: Feeding a BTA

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    Feeding a BTA

    Good day to you all. I am new to this sight. I have just gotten a Bubble Tip Anenome and the clowns that I have want nothing to do with it. I have been searching around and found that it is possible to feed this with bits of shrimp, mussels, etc. Does anyone have a suggestion about how to go about feeding it??

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    take a shrimp or a molly with twisters and put it on the BTA's tentacles it will grab is and swallow it.

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    clowns may or may not decide to host, i have 3 GBTA's and a pair of false percs. they host a tuft of hair algae and ignore the nem's :confused-

    i feed my nem's twice a week, either silversides, shrimp or krill. i just use a pair of tongs ( actually usually just use my hand ) and just touch it to a tentacle and he will grab on and take the food. as a treat i will give them some mysis which they appear to love. for mysis i use a plastic syringe that i drilled the hole out. i just throw a few cubes in the syringe then suck in some water. when the cubes are thawed i gently bath their tentacles with the mysis.

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    You did not mention what type of clownfish you have, more than likely your BTA is not their natural host. My maroon clown is constantly in and out of my BTA, where as, my Percula clown shows no interest in it.

    Here is some reading

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    I have a BTA and an LTA and large mushrooms and clowns that wont go anywhere near them, they like to just swim around
    i know the feeling, i think i picked the wrong pair of clowns
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    I know that it may take a while for the clowns to go in and out of the BTA. I did notice yesterday that the larger one took a bit out of it and has not gone back since. I am going to try feeding it in a couple of days using tweezers. Thanks for the suggestion DevilMike90.

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