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Thread: brown algae?

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    brown algae?

    I updated the light from 20 to 75W VHO.
    Now I am getting lots of brown algaes.
    snails are trying to do the job but not enough.
    Any good algae eater. especially for the sand ???

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    For the sand..

    Best things i love.. are "Fighting conches" they are pricey.. But do a great job on the sand.. and fun to watch! ..

    Other than that somthing like a brittle star will help stir up the sand.. anything eles is really just going to eat the food in the sand.. witch is not the best for your tank.. you need the critters in the sand!

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    In addition to Tooolouds I would also get some nassarius snails... their small but get the job done... they will also consume any dead snails and/or fish. I find these snails are under rated... many don't even think of adding them.


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