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    Removing substrate

    So tomorrow I'm going to remove the substrate in my 40breeder. I have a lot of buckets but only 4 heaters.

    I am getting rid of 2 of my fish, so I'll be left with a firefish and an ocellaris by tomorrow night. I do have quite a few corals tho. Bioload should be low.

    I have quite a bit of LR in my tank and also an external canister XP3.

    I'm just wondering if I should save some tank water (50% or so) and add some new premixed salt water (mixing as we speak) to make up the 40gal, or if it was OK to go with fresh batch at the same salinity as the old water.

    If there is anything else I should know before doing this, let me know! Im starting tomorrow morning and it should take me 4hrs.
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    50 /50 should be ok. Make sure you rinse the substrate good before you put it into another tank. If not your water parameters will be out to lunch. Do you have anything going into the new tank right away IE fish, Corals? If so is there anywhere you could put them for a week to try and get your water stable just in case?
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    no time to keep it at someone tank for a week. I should be ok but well see. I expect a 10% die off in livestock due to stress. but my colonies should be ok.
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    I started last night at 10pm, i finished cleanup at 4am :-(

    All by myself, i had everything under control as I didnt try to rush things.

    I did lose a few things:

    A few snails due to lazyness
    Yellow tail blue damsel
    2 frags of zoo
    MAYBE my purple firefish.... I hope not I just got him.

    Water has cleared up and it looks amazing. I have equipment just hanging around the tank as I didnt have to time to organize the plugs, ill do that later.

    fts soon once i fix equipment
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