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Thread: Some Questions

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    Some Questions

    Good Day All !!!!!!!!

    I have a question and was wondering if it would work and if it did work how well would it work.

    well here it is

    would mirrors reflect enough light from dual 400 W MH and 4 T-5 to allow corals to thrive at approximatly 24"deep?

    or should I use some mirrors and some reflectors or use all reflectors, were do I buy reflectors.

    the tanks are all 90 g 48" x 18" x 24"

    The other question is say I have 3 90g tanks and would like to make a fishwall, and I wanted them all drilled so they could be plumbed and viewed on both sides were would you drill the holes on the sides and make pillers to hide them but not block off the plumbing just so the gaps and plumbing were hiden.

    or on the back and only be able to view them from one side?

    also how would you seperate the plumbing?

    so that one bulk head would be on one side of the tank and the other bulk head on the other side, or have both bulkheads on the same side.

    any info, ideas or comments would be greatly appreciated thanks.


    90g: empty finally drilled and bulkheads installed

    90g: empty finally drilled and bulkheads installed

    90g Diamond: FW African Tanganykan 6 alto calvus Yellows, 6 cypri lepto jumbo Blue Orchids, 1 synadontis Magara bomix white sand and several pieces of construction type rock basic grey.

    20g SW reef (just started) 2 clowns,1 royal gamma some hermits, some snails, a couple of mushroom colonies, a couple of zoo colonies, a hammer colonie and an octospawn colonie:

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    mirror are not good reflector it has to do with material and physics, i'm not gonan get into that. 400w MH is plenty to penetrate that depth.

    for the tank wall thing, do it however you like, depending on how u want to set it up. if its in a straight line, probably better to drill the back, if ur making a box, then maybe sides will be better. take in consideration of drainage.

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    The glass on the mirrors will absorb far more light than they reflect. Definitely go with reflectors. Any marine store will carry various brands of reflectors (including Ivan here on AC), or you can make your own from some reflective aluminum. 2x400watt halides will be plenty for a 90g tank.

    As for where to drill the holes ... either way would work, it really just depends how you would prefer to display the tanks.

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