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    Questions About Lighting

    Good Day All !!!!!!!!!

    I was wondeing if anyone has any ideas,info or comments on the following please feel free to explain Thanks.

    I was wondering I will have 3 90g tanks and I would like them to be set up side by side so basically 12'L x 2'W x 2' D and was wondering if 2 MH 400W AND 4 T-5 over each tank would be overkill or would it work just great.

    90g: empty finally drilled and bulkheads installed

    90g: empty finally drilled and bulkheads installed

    90g Diamond: FW African Tanganykan 6 alto calvus Yellows, 6 cypri lepto jumbo Blue Orchids, 1 synadontis Magara bomix white sand and several pieces of construction type rock basic grey.

    20g SW reef (just started) 2 clowns,1 royal gamma some hermits, some snails, a couple of mushroom colonies, a couple of zoo colonies, a hammer colonie and an octospawn colonie:

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    it depends on what u wanna keep, if all three are gonna be SPS tanks than all with 400w is fine, but thats expensive...

    if ur gonna have SPS in one tank, and mixed in one fish only in another, than the other ones can be just lit with T5s

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    I think it's overkill. IMO T5's are good to sustain any kind of life in you're tank. You might just have to put more. All this is with quality reflectors off course. But halides are the best for SPS tanks.
    55G CSS 3004, 2 Seio 620, 220WT5HO lighting, Yellow tang, yellow tail damsel, 2 clownfish, 1 shrimp, pulsing, soft corals.

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