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    Alkalinity Expiry Date

    Ok, about a month and a half ago I bought the Instant Ocean Master test kit. All of the products have an expiry date of march,2009, which is just great, lots of time to use them. HOWEVER; the alkalinity test kit, which is a liquid form in a vial, has an expiry of march,2007! That means my brand new test kit I bought a month and a half ago gives me about a week to use it for alkalinity tests before it's expired, this is something I don't even care to test at this point, as I'm only testing ammonia.

    My big question is how long are alkalinity testing kits typically good for? I'm wondering if they have a long shelf life or not. If they're supoed to be good for a while, I definately want a refund/replacement on this particular item.

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    I'd say call the company. They will probably send you a new Alk test kit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mike536
    I'd say call the company. They will probably send you a new Alk test kit.
    that is probably your best bet.
    that said, you might want to consider Salifert test kits next time. you would be able to purchase each kit separately enabling you to only repurchase the ones you need, they also have a pretty good reputation.
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    After trying just about every test kit imaginable, I have found the salifert kits to be most accurate.

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