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Thread: temp drop

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    temp drop


    I forgot to plug my heaters back in after doing some work on the tank. Overnight, the tank dropped from 78F to 74F. I just got a couple of ocellaris clowns on Wednesday.
    Is this really bad?? I feel like such a bad parent

    They looked like they were ok this morning. They haven't been eating much since Wednesday.

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    dont worry about it. didnt you ever leave the kids home and forget the heat on? (actually in canada that may really be dangerous.... - HEAT CAN MELT YOUR IGLOOS - HA!)
    They may have gotten cold, but bring it up and they will be nice and cozy again.
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    What we have power in our little ice homes up here in the Great white North!.. Damit. and here i go lighting fires under my tank every nite!

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    LOL! And don't forget it is always dark in the winter which never ends so without our tank lights we couldn't see a darn thing!
    Gail in Nova Scotia

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