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    my tank with cayman rock (pics)

    My tank waiting to be cycled.

    My cycling goby, he's a food monster

    My tank with all the live rock as of today (went and got three more pieces from my secret rock spot)

    wierd free hitchhiker (I think it's a coral of some sort)

    and finally, some grass looking stuff
    whatcha think? And what are those mystery creatures?

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    Your getting there BIGGUNSAR... keep it up.

    As for the extras on the rock... many of them look like sponges but I would need clearer shots to be sure.


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    Thanks IJO. Ya, it's pretty neato. I am finally understanding what alot of the stuff you read in here means.
    Now i feel like i don't want to go to work, and just do stuff with my tank. LOL

    Well if that green thing is a

    I will be picking up two clowns by the end of this week. I am allowing a week for die off to happen to the new rock. If no ammonia spike is detected (my ammonia is at 0) and nitrate sits at a steady 10ppm

    If those perams don't change, in go the clown fishes.
    Wait 3 weeks with that, then maybe one or two more small fish, and my tank is done.
    next work on snorkeling for some corals LOL

    PS. my sea urchin is loving the tank, and it's pretty cool to watch this long spiked sea urchin travel around. he's neat looking. So I figure as long as the sea urchin isn't spitting any quills. The water quality must be good. Because from what I read sea urchins are VERY fussy about water quality.

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