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    Do starfish hide or should they be out and about

    I went snorkling this weekend, and found 2 star fish.
    So I brought em home (found an baby eel too, but I think eel's eat fish, so I let him go)
    Well anyways, all the darn star fish do is hide under my rocks. I thought they were supposed to cruise over my sand bed and eat all the bad stuff?

    Anyone else got starfish, and do they behave like that?

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    I have 2 starfish too. They move around alot, but slowly. They love to stay at an area with high water flow, mostly at the top of the tank where the powerheads are.

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    Id say maybe they are hiding from the light.
    how deep did you get them at ?

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    what type of starfish are they? some are more active during the day than others.

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    Okay, sorry for the newb question. Looked for it today on the net. Found out it was a caribbean brittle star.
    THey hide during the day, and come out at night.

    I didn't have to go far, any rock you overturn here on the beach will have em.

    But I didn't know they have eyes or whatever. cuase this morning, I turned on the ballast light. And he KNEW! He scurried under a rock ASAP.
    I was amazed he knew the light was on.

    nature is just wierd.

    The other day I was moving some rocks around and the sea urchin I got, almost got crushed (I didn't see him) he knew too!
    He got the hell out of there fast. Now for something that is not supposed to have a brain. How the hell did he know to get outta the way??

    Me thinks science has more explaining to do.

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    i have a blue linkia starfish i don't see him oftenly around my tank. i do normaly get a chance to see him only at night whenever i turn on my moonlight, maybe i got too many fish in my tank may cause of him to hide and avoid the other fish who's aggressive anyway thats all i know about my shy starfish untill next time cio!:bablefish:

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    I find that my brittle star fish are quite reclusive. Usually you see their arms sticking out from under the rock work during the day. Once they get use to your tank they will come out during feeding time. Especially if you starts feeding them directly.
    Watch out for the green brittle star fish though as they are fish eaters.

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