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    110 gal , can anybody help me how to post up my tanks pic here!

    110 gal reef tank , its been running for almost 1 yr now just wanted to share my photo's to all the members . but i cant place my pic's to the website of aquaria canada helppppppppppp... pls:b11::b9::b1:

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    Hi Powder 18,

    Sorry to hear you are not able to post your pictures. Do you get a error message when you try to post your pictures ? If you write a Message in a Threat on the botom of that message Box You have File Management. From there you should be able to upload you images to the site. I not go on and create a URL Link and put it in the Insert Image on the Tools of you message Box.

    You should be fine. Let me know if I can be more of a Help !

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    Use the link below to upload your pictures to our photopost section... you can then refference them to show them on the forum.

    You can also just click the manage attachments button on any new post your create on the forum. Let us know if you need help with anything.


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    thank you so much guys anywayz later all!:b2::b16::b15:

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    Or better than photobucket, no need to sign up for anything.


    90 gal tank
    200 gal power fussion skimmer

    1 firefish, 1 wrasse, 1 juvi yellow tang, 1 watchman gobi
    70 pounds free Live sand,200 pounds free Live rock
    1 power heads,

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