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    Starting New with No Knowlage

    Ok well im starting off with no knowlage other than feeding and adding water. My Dad has a 40 gallon tank and has corol and he knows about that but i want to know:

    How much a little tank and good for begginer tank is
    What i need to keep fish
    What i need for a coral or 2
    and if i can use some live rock and sand from my dads tank
    what i need for water changes and lighting.
    And the price im gonna have to spend with out the stuff that gos into the tank

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    Welcome to Aquaria Canada!

    I would suggest browsing some of the posts here as there is alot of good information. I will also try to answer the questions you posed.

    As for the size of the tank that is up to you. A small tank to a large tank have the same requirements as far equipment that is required, it is just upsized. Larger tanks give more freedom in fish choices as well with the larger water volume are more forgiving because it takes longer for them to be affected by events.

    You basic setup will require a Tank, a Protien Skimmer, Water movement, Lighting, Live rock. There are many variations of each of these so once you have done some reading we can answer more about specific questions.

    When it comes to cost it will depend greatly on what you want your tank to be when it is done. A small Fish only system is cheaper to setup/operate then a large system of stony corals. There is a fairly large investment required to begin the system, as well as maintainence fees such as water, salt and hydro.

    The best piece of advice I can offer is to read an be patient. Read everything you can find and listen to the advice of those who have gone before you. Patience is required because nothing good in this hobby happens quickly.

    Good luck, we are all here to help.
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    Also YES!!! Steal as much Live rock and sand from your dad as you can in order to "seed the tank" with live bacteria. Your tank will go through a cycle of algae and the like and rock and sand from an established tank will help get you through this phase quicker.

    Welcome and feel freee to ask questions cuz we all know you have them (we all have questions) and it will save you A LOT of grief!
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    Even some water from your dad's tank will help.
    When he does a water change, use that water in your yank.
    Speeds up the cycle.

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    ya.. ask away

    tank size, depends on how much space you have and how much money you willing to spend,

    LR is a must in my mind.. look for a good 1-1.5# per gallon.

    lighting will depend on what you want to keep, hard corals need lots of lighting. think metal halides, T5's or VHO's.

    protein skimmer, you need one of those in my mind.. if you are good with DIY, make your own, if not, search around the net, sweet deals to be done on ebay.

    fishies will depend on what you want to keep for corals as some fish have a taste for corals. ( take that into considerations before your fish/coral purchase.

    bombard away with your questions, and read the posts, we all learn alot from this and we still do after years of reading one of those endless possibilities hobby

    if you got patience, purchase frags like us and save a bunch.. then sit back and watch them grow


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