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    keeping seahorses

    I just bought a 10 gallon tank and would really like to keep seahorses in it. When I search the web for help I get conflicting answers to my questions. If someone has seahorses and could give me some advise from thier experiences I would love to hear it.

    Do I really need a protein Skimmer in a 10 gallon tank?

    Basically I've bought a 10 gallon starter what do I need?

    I also have a 75 gallon SW tank so I have salt and can take a few rocks out of that tank if needed.

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    I don't know what you have to have a protein skimmer, but it would not hurt. As for the starter kit, I am not sure what comes with it, if there is an aquaclear type HOB filter it might be too much flow. I would think that a small powerhead that you would just to mix salt might be better for flow.

    I would think you could get away with NO lights if all that you were keeping is the horses and rock.

    You should have some small skinny pieces of rock, or fake coral so they have something to hang on to.

    They do need excelent water quality, so you will have to make sure and keep up with water changes and other forms of filtration too.

    I had a seahorse once and it survived for about a year, I will never get one again as they are very hard to keep.

    Just my thoughts of course, I am by no means a pro at this.

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    For starters, your 10g tank would only be suitable for dwarf seahorses IMO.
    For the best info on seahorses visit
    While there are some difference in opinions, just like any aspect of salt water keeping, go with the flow. That is, go with what the majority of experienced hobbyiests recommend until you have enough experience with the seahorses to decide for yourself what you would be capable of doing.

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