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    Mini Tank - Questions

    Well, I decided to start off with a smaller tank before I buy the big one when the house is built. I purchased a 29 Gallon Oceanic BioCube last week and put 30 pounds of live sand and 30 pounds of live rock in. After 5 days, I put in 2 hermit crabs and 2 astrea snails, and they are doing fine. I've tested the water for the past week, and all the tests came out perfect. The only thing I'm not sure about is the temperature. It seems to hang at 85-86 F. Is that ok?

    Also, one of the live rocks I bought has a white cotton/cocoon all over it. Is this bad and can it spread around the tank? How long should I wait before putting a fish like a yellowtail damselfish in?

    Is the water flow in the Oceanic BioCube 29 sufficient or should I add another pump?


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    Temperature is way too high. I'd try and get it down to 78-80... The cotton/cocoon thing you mention sounds like a sponge, which is harmless... I'd look into introducing a different type of fish other than a damsel, they're too aggressive, and aren't necessary these days for getting a tank started. You have LR, so I'm assumign your tests should have showed a cycle if the LR wasn't fully cured.
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    I also have a "mini tank", a 10 G AGA....... I would start the cycle with a raw shrimp purchased at the local market. That is the best way IMHO! The white thing is most likely a sponge and it is all over the rock because sponges can not be out of water at all or they will die. Most likely it came on the rock and it is dieing or dead already... Will help with the cycle. Also try dosing a product called CYCLE or PRIME to speed up your cycle. It will help with the cycle. you added the CUC a little early so do not be supprised it some might not make it.

    And last take your time with the stocking!

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    Ditch the hermits asap. Chances are they aren't reef friendly (only the scarlet hermit is considered somewhat reef friendly) and will make a meal out of your snails.

    Check the ventilation in the hood, the ambient room temperature, and the heater setting (if you have one yet). If the hood doesn't have air getting through it the temp will rise. If the room is too warm the tank won't be able to cool to reef temperature (but being that high I doubt this is the issue). Heaters can as be as much as ten degrees off (even with a quality heater) so look for the minimum temperature to tell, usually before the lights come on.

    BC29's can fit a Tunze 9002 skimmer in the back and should be on the read up list. Forget all the garbage that you hear about nano's don't need a skimmer... it's a tool to better the water quality and should be treated as such.

    Do a search for pineapple sponge, it may fit the id.

    If your tests came out perfect then either you haven started your cycle, you have cheap/shotty test kits, or both. Even a well matured live rock that gets moved will have a slight spike. The bacteria is sensitive to oxygen and the simple act of moving the liverock will clear the garbage within the rocks pores. This will cause a small spike while it restabilizes.

    You can upgrade the pump or place a powerhead in the main chamber on a timer to give you daytime (on) and night mode.

    What's the plans for this tank, FOWLR/softie/mix? You may want to look around for lighting upgrade kits if you're looking at corals, especially sps.

    Sorry about the blurb. I hope you can muddle through it. :b6:
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