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    Srocking opinions

    Well, I finally have got something in my tank other than water I added 25 lbs cured LR on Friday. So, in anticipation of adding fish in the New Year, I'm looking for opinions about my proposed stocking list.

    My thoughts are:

    A. Occelaris (Pair) - definite
    Fridmani Pseudochromis
    Yellow Clown Goby

    I'm also looking at adding 'simple corals': 'shrooms, zoos, euphyllia, etc but not getting into SPS yet.

    So, in addition to general comments, a couple of questions:

    1) Opinions on a purple/orchid dottyback rather than the Fridmani?
    2) I'd love a flame angel but am worried about tank size and coral eating.
    3) Could you keep 3 green chromis in a 29G? With the occelaris?

    Many thanks for your opinions.

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    Chromis would be fine with Clowns, Now as to having 3.. I would not with that so little liverock... Any angels would be too small for a 29G.... You migh want to look into adding another 15-20 pounds of live rock.. or pick up a really good skimmer for the tank...

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    Thanks. I am planning to add another 10 lbs. of LR. Any experience about the two pseudochromis?

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    The Pseudochromis fridmani is the Orchid Dottyback and of all the dottyback's. IMO it is by far the best looking and least aggresive.


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