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Thread: dwarf lionfish

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    dwarf lionfish

    What is the smallest size tank I can keep a dwarf lionfish in? All the websites I've gone to are giving different answers so I was wondering if anyone has one in a small tank?

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    You will need a minimum of 30gallon for a draft lionfish. I have not yet successfully kept any in my tank for more than a month because they simply does not eat.
    Make sure to check if he is eating before you bring him home. A good website that i check for stats on marine/fresh fish is www liveaquaria com
    Hope that help.

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    IMO a 90g with no other fish would be the smallest, and a GOOD skimmer as there messy eaters

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    Johnny Rock is correct, although the site says 30g minimum I would go abit bigger for the fish to roam around peacefully.

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