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Thread: sea horses

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    sea horses

    im read some conflicting info on them. i remember reading somewhere that they live in coooler water but on liveaquaria their specs are the same as most fish. i also noticed that they arent compatible with much according to their chart, but in the description it says it will be ok with clowns, firefish and gobies. could someone maybe give me info to clear this up?

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    if you get your horses from a local breeder ( Highly recommended ) then they will do well with our regular temperatures and will feed on our regular foods ( mysis etc ). they do fair better in a bit cooler waters like 75-78f.

    the problem with keeping them with other fish is the competition ( or lack of ) for food. they are not the quickest thing around so most fish gobble up everything before they get a chance. if not u gotta overfeed to make sure they eat. so they are usually great with pipefish and shrimps etc.

    I'm looking myself for a few soon in a dedicated tank, and from what i've read this is the basic info. buy local and not from the ocean.

    also, planted tanks are usually better as they love to sit down on leaves or grab on to something. they also need very low current. marinescape has a few tanks with some of those and they have a ton of plants in them. perfect habitat.

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    planning next tank, possibly 60x30x20 on 2x plasma.
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