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    Will this sump benefit me in anyway?

    Hey guys, I have a 65 gallon tank I just started, theres only live rock and live sand in it right now. I was thinking of making a sump, my question is, is this sump going to benefit me by addin LR and LS or will it only be good for hiding the skimmer and heater?

    green lines are overflow and return, red is skimmer, yellow is heater, and at the bottom is ls and lr

    I also did not want to grow chaeto, since tank would be in the cabnit under the tank, and didin't want lights shining.

    Thanks Guys!

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    adding a sump with LR and LS will definitely help.
    ( every little bit helps )

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    The area that contains the liverock/sand is usually refered to as a refugium or fuge. If you are going to use a fuge for any purpose growing cheato is probably one of the best. It takes up the same nutrients that feed other algaes and is easily removed from the system through pruning.

    That being said, I agree with liv, something is always better then nothing.
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    yea i would suggest that over what you are currenlty thinking of buying from BA's. sumps are the best for hiding everything and also help with filtering your water.

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    any added water volume adds to the stability of the system. being able to hide the equipment is just a bonus. i would reconsider the chaeto, it requires very little light and pays you back by removing N & P from your system. i like a different orientation, where you send untreated water ( not skimmed ) to the refugium. here's a sketch of my sump using this set up.


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