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    HELP!!! New 25G Aquarium

    Hi there,

    I'm going to be setting up a 25G and I will be looking forward to putting coral in. I need any tips you can give me and any information you might have to aid me in my experience. How much liverock should I put in to start or have in at any given time? Temperature? When can I put coral in? What kinds of fish can i have in a 25G that won't outgrow the tank and can live peacefully with corals. What types of corals can I keep if I have a 96 Watt Coralife Aqualight? PLEASE HELP ASAP!!! Thank's so much!

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    I would start with 20 pounds of liverock... let this sit in your tank for a good month(turning the lights on for only a couple hours per day). After this you can slowly increase the lighting (1 hour more per day) until you reach 10 hours per day. Run a few tests on your water quality(ammonia, nitrites and nitrates). At this stage you should be at 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites and some nitrates... do a 20% water change and you should be ready to add your first fish(I would go with a false clown... add a pair if they are very small).

    Keep an eye on your tank for the next few weeks as you will more than likely get the common algae blooms... first brown and then green... add snails and hermits to help keep these small blooms under control(a couple trochus, 5 cerith, nassairus, and 5 blue leg hermits will help). One thing to keep in mind is that these critters need to be topped off every once in a while... (get into a routine to buy a couple everytime your at the LFS)

    Once the green bloom has come and passed... you can add your first coral... go for hardy corals like mushrooms, zoanthids... once your comfortable with these... you could add a could LPS like candycane and a frogspawn or torch)

    I only touched the surface... there is a ton of experience on the site...
    Ask as many questions as you can(before you buy) and we should be able to guide you in the right direction. One thing to keep in mind is don't take what everyone(including myself) says as the only way to go... the advice should help you save money and end up with a healthy aquarium.


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    I put up this link on another thread, and I'll throw it up here again. Please take a few moments and read this, as it is very good in that it covers all of the bare basics of what you need to know and consider before you get started.

    Please read this, and then come here and ask more specifac questions about how to get started, etc.

    My first question to you would be: "why a 25 gallon"?

    This hobby can seem hard and difficult when you first get started, but it doesn't have to be. Like most complex things in life, you can throw lots of money at it, or you can take your time, plan it out, do some reading (much of which is free on the internet) and make it happen with a bit of patience.

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    i agree with these guys 100%, being patient is the key in this hobby. I have a 29 gal and i just have a few small fish right now thats i feel are hardy fish. You are a few weeks away from fish and corals though. make sure that the tanks running the way you want it and also make sure your levels are where they should be and then SLOWLY start adding your fish. If you add them to fast your bio load will be high and you will have some serious problems, so take your time and pick fish you are inlove with and be patient!

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