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    Need new protien skimmer

    I need a new protien skimer for a 55 gallon tank thats efficent and doesnt break the bank ( under 200 plz) If possible a hang offthx =D

    For tank info refer to post 3 on tread " can it not stop"

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    the best HOB skimmer is the Deltec but that is more than $200.

    i would say your best bet would be a Coralife Super Skimmer, here's some prices and info from one of our sponsors. i would suggest the 125 as minimum and if your not running a sump and fuge you may want to even consider the larger one.

    another member just got one of the Fission Power skimmers ( also on that page ), he says it's working great but i haven't heard much about them.

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    Thx , but one question.

    Ok sorry to add to my alredy picky list but I have 4 1/2 inches of clearence so i need one that size.
    sorry i know im picky

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    Of clearance to the wall? I'm running a 55G with a prizm pro deluxe. It's pulling nasty skimmate. I don't have a lot of clearance to the wall(4'').
    If you plan to upgrade tank sometime I would get another kind. You could also put an overflow box and get a sump. It would clear the 4,5 inch i think.
    Hope this helps.
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    Id stay away from the coralife skimmers. I have a 125g and am unhappy with it. Only works when clean. After a few days it starts to suck again.

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