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    "White hair" on live rock

    I'm new here. I recently set up a 70 gallon tank. I added live rock from a previously established tank a little over than 2 weeks ago and added live sand 1 week ago. My lights just arrived yesterday, and i have just started using them. I have started to notice a white "hairy" growth on my live rocks at the bottom near the sand bed, and very few higher up on the rocks. They wave in the current and are not rigid at all. Was wondering what this was and should I be concerned? I have not added any livestock yet. all my water tests are currently showing 0 of everything ( as of yesterday) and have been using RO/DI water from the start.
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    i think that is just dust from the sand that has settled on the rock / algae. when you add sand to a full tank it gets blown everywhere. can you use your hand or a turkey baster to blow it off?? the only time i have seen algae turn white is in the presence of ammonia.


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    I've seen this aswell and think its just fine dust settling on the bit of algae/slime you have on your rockwork. I don't think its anything to worry about.


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    Sweet thanks, yes i did try blowing it off with a turkey baster and it did get blown off. I was just wondering why every time i did it it would just return and happen again. Thanks for the info!

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    ya.. its algea and perfectly normal. just another sign that you got good LR loaded with life.

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