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    Unhappy Pics of our algae problem

    Hey guys, so we've started to have an algae problem. theres green hair, branches and leafs growing throughout the tank. we're looking for any helpful suggestions, advice or any comments about the tank, heres the pics!

    Red coloured algae??? its growing on the zoas?

    Hair algae on glass and groing ontop of sandbed.

    Neon green algae, growing in multiple spots, only in direct lighting though.

    One of the MANY leaf or tree liek creatures growing out of the live rock.

    More leafs/twigs

    Another shot of the tree/twig/leaf, whatever it is...we'll leave it up to you!haha

    The hair algae growing on the front glass, also red/purple dots, coraline or red slime?

    Zoas, don't ahve any color except some on other frags, also the red slime/algae stuff on rock and frag

    Thanks for your help!

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    i think thats cyano and it also looks like you have abit of bubble algae. try to vacuum up the cyano. im not sure about the bubble algae but be careful not to pop the bubbles as it will make it spread

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    hair,cyno,macro algea, bubble algea and film algea.
    welcome to the beginnings of a new tank. what skimmer are you running
    and water change schedule? carbon? RO/DI water?
    hard to believ your getting all those at once. do not add anymore fish for now and feed sparingly.

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    the skimmers a coralife ss 125, water changes have been 10G one week then 15G the next(alternating back and forth) 65G tank
    We are using RO water, only thing that is available to us at the moment. no carbon, but we plan to through a sack in there tomorrow when we do a water change and ry to suck out all the algae. Any recommendations as to where to put the carbon???, running a plain sump with baffles.

    Where do you guys see the bubble algae?

    we'll have to research the cyano and try to find a cure

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    Your tank is new and that's part of the game, better water mouvement will help, and control feeding, to much feeding will give cyano.
    I've took out three big tang from my tank, and bad control on feeding (still giving to much), lot of cyano, even if your got some experience, you can still make mistakes, and for the hairy algae you can try lawnmower blenny, is doing a good job and funny to see (he look like Rigel in Farscape).
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    a phosban reactor would help. but I went threw this too. had hair algae in the first few months, and then never had it again... I also pickd up some margarita snails that enjoyed eating the hair algae.
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    That's nothing. Minor problem.
    I had a 'rain forest' in my tank. Hair algae everywhere.
    Few inches long too.
    I had to pluck it by hand on daily basis.
    It's a new tank problem.
    What cleaned mine up???......Ball of Cheato (macroalgae) in main tank, and strawberry conch for bottom 5" of rock work.
    I even had to rotate the rocks. I was placing rocks from the top on the sand bed for cocnh to clean overnight, then put them back.

    I wish somebody could cross strawberry conch with a fish. That would be the ultimate algae solution.

    I also hope you're not buying RO water.
    I was buying Culligan from Can. Tire.
    When I bought my first TDS meter, I found out that Culligan water is arround 200ppm.

    Anyways...this is my two cents.

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    i don't see the bubble algae either?? as others have said, this is a normal part of a new tank and really isn't to bad ..... yet.

    cyano: the cure is more flow and reduce or remove phosphates.
    hair algae: the cure more flow reduce nitrates and phosphates and silicates.
    the glass: can be manually cleaned with a scraper or mag float. but you also net to bolster your CUC, more snails will clean more glass.

    do you have an RO unit or are you buying it? where from? ask them to test it for you with a TDS meter. could you get distilled water?

    the nitrates are a part of life and death in the aquarium and can be removed with macro algae / water changes / denitrification.

    the phosphates get in through feeding / deaths / or in your water.

    silicates get in through the water usually.

    adding a DI stage will help immensely by removing anything that has got past the RO stage. ( silicate / phosphates )

    you can also run a phosphate remover ( i like rowaphos ) in the same fashion as the carbon ( in a sock, in a high flow area of your sump ) but both work much better if run in a reactor. could you post a pic of your sump so we can see where the best place would be for the sock but anywhere it will get lots of flow through it will work. this is a band aid though, finding the source of the phosphates ( and other nutrients ) will be the best course of action.

    my best advice would be don't add any more fish, let this run its course. remove as much of the algae as you can ( siphon or pluck it out by hand ) be careful when feeding, it's better to feed with multiply small feedings than one large one. try to find the source of the nutrients ( check the water ) and increase the CUC, a half dozen snails and the same number of crabs aren't going to be enough for a 65G tank.

    HTH, and keep asking the questions, we have all been through this :b16:

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    I do see bubbles but they look like regular air bubbles. (see tree/twig/leaf pic)

    Since you have a sump, even without a fuge, you should put in a ball of cheato. Just make sure it doesn't get sucked in by your pump. Don't forget to provide some light for your 'good' algae. This will help a lot with your in-tank algae.

    As others have said, keep your feeding to a minimum.

    Also, what do you have in your clean up crew?
    65g - 80lbs LR - 4x36" 39W T5 HOs (2x10000K,2xActinics) - CSS125 - 25g sump - Mag 7 return - Blueline SD-1100 Closed Loop with OM Squirt * 2x Amphiprion ocellaris - 1x Paracanthurus hepatus - 1x Zebrasoma flavescens
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    I don't think you have a real problem in your setup... I would increase the amount of hernit crabs and snails in there(a good variey of each) and run a phosban reactor or other phosphate removal(I use filter pads for both carbon and phosphate on my wall aquarium)


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