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Thread: Friend or Foe??

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    Friend or Foe??

    Can anyone help identify this growth on my live rock? (image attached).
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    Grape Caulerpa is generally considered good when it stays where it is suppose too, but it can easily become a weed that can be difficult to eradicate in the reef tank. If you introduce Caulerpa into your main tank, either on purpose or accident, keep a close eye on it and prune heavily to keep it in check.

    Grape C. can go sexual and disintegrate overnight adding substantial biological load to the tank. This can be minimized by heavy pruning which seems to retard this tendency. There is also some evidence that keeping the lighting on 24/7 will prevent this from happening. This is obviously only an option when the algae is housed in a refugia or sump. Herbivorous fish like tangs will sometimes help to keep the Caulerpa in check.

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    i agree, take it out without damaging it if you can. this species will actually release toxins ( defense mechanism ) when damaged and is not suitable for reef tanks. i have seen it go sexual, when i first started i had some in my sump. luckily i caught it in time but there was a layer of death starting in my fuge that would have wiped out my tank.

    also growing macro algae to feed your fish is counter productive. most of us grow macro algae to remove nutrients but if you feed it back to the fish all the nutrients are going right back in the tank.

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    So, should I remove it from the rock, or leave it and keep it nice and short?

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    Remove it completely if possible.

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    If you have tangs, it will be just a nice snack for them

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